LDKC welcomes new members!  If you are interested in becoming an active club member and a supporter of purebred dogs, please contact Bruce Klein, the Club Secretary, for information at Prospective members may also download a membership application here.

Current members may renew their 2011 membership by downloading and returning this form to Bruce Klein.

LDKC is a membership organization open to persons who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club. Membership applicants sign the following Code of Ethics when application is made to join the Club:
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All members and associates of the Lost Dutchman Kennel Club, Inc., will adhere to the CODE OF ETHICS adopted by the membership. Payment of dues will be deemed evidence of acceptance of the CODE OF ETHICS which states:

1. RECORDS. Record keeping will comply with the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club, Inc. (AKC).

2. BREEDING. Breeding canines are selected for conformation, temperament and potential for contributing to the betterment of breeds. Only purebred canines that are registered with a formally recognized breed or all breed registry will be used for breeding.

3. SALES. Canines will not be sold to sources of commercial distribution such as, but not limited to, pet stores, wholesalers, pet dealers or brokers, and catalogue houses. Canines will not be supplied for raffles, “give-away” prizes or similar fund-raising projects.

4. ADVERTISEMENT. Oral and/or written advertisement of canines will be factual both in substance and implication. It will be limited to the dog fancier’s canines and will in no way degrade the canines of others.

5. HOUSING OF CANINES. Canines will be kept under sanitary conditions, afforded health care and protection and transported in a safe manner.

6. MEMBER RELATIONS. Each member or associate will be obligated to protect the interests of the club and purebred dogs in a manner reflecting the interests of the club and purebred dogs in a manner reflecting credit upon the individual, the sport of purebred dogs and the club.
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